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545th MP Co Assn.

1st Team in Desert Storm
545 CO. Cpt Harris
1LT Byrd, 2nd Plt Ldr, 545th MP Co & Captured Weapons
SSG Leroy Jones, SPC. Logan, SPC. Scott and SSG. Tim Ryan
SSG Terry W
SSG. Tim Ryan, CPL. Richards, Spc. Fisher and SPC. Byron Gra
Texas Flag and PMO Tent SSG Patrick McNeil
The ever popular urinal in the dessert
The return from Desert Storm and the march down Broadway in
Unk. PFC. SPC. Fisher and Spc. Gray in dessert
Victory Day Parade down Constitution Ave in D.C.
2nd Plt Ldr - 545th MP Co Robert Byrd Desert Shield - Storm
2nd Sqd, 3rd Plt, 545th MP Co,SSG Cashett Sqd Ldr Desert Sto
545 CO. Cpt Harris 2
545 CO. Cpt Harris 3
545th Capt Harris
545th Check Point in Desert Storm 1990
545th MP Co Commander Harris
545th MP Co SSG Cummingham in Saudi Arabia
545th MP Co. TCP in Desert Storm
545th MP Co
Assembly Area Horse Dec 90
BG Robles Staff with 545th MP bodyguard in sunglasses
BG Tillelli  BG Franks
Byron Gray RandR area Corral
Camels oil burned sky as we headed to Kobar Towers
Christmas day Sandstorm
CPL. Rolston in Huey over Kuwait
David Rash on the right and his borther Desert Storm
DMain AA Horse
Iraqi Desert
Iraqi equipment captured by 1st Cav Units
LTC Bishop G-4 The Berm practicing golf swing
Mess hall Assembly Area Killeen Feb 91 ($6 000 Astro Turf)
Morning Sunrise Assembly Area Horse Dec 90
PMO Assembly Area Horse Dec 90 Sgt Taylor SPC Gilliam
PMO Assembly Area Horse Dec 90
PMO Bunker at Assembly Area Wendy Jan 91
PMO Operations SPC Shad Babb after a long night
SCUD Damage
SFC Loss at AO Blackhorse
SGM Mason(glasses) & others Assembly Area Horse Dec 90
SGT King SPC Stitzer and PFC Crain
SPC Brummet after a range injury
SPC. Terry Fisher, SFC. Louis, SSG. Jones digging bunker in
SSG Jones, SPC. Fisher and SPC. Scott outside of 1st platoon
SSG Kuykendall PMO Assembly Area Killeen Fegb 91

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